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Click on the links below to read Gabriel Rotello's columns and essays from The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Advocate, Newsday, OutWeek and other publications.


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israel's endless wars - is it all in the numbers? - the huffington post

the chief defect of w - a cautionary verse - the huffington post

sir ian mckellen and 'backlot mountain' - the huffington post

the cartoon crisis - the huffington post

what i know about fear - the stranger

my straight neighbor - newsday

high school showers - the advocate


gay priests should come out - the advocate


transgendered like me - the advocate


jackie o and maurice - newsday


broadway musicals and the gay gene - the advocate


the gay whines - newsday


on divorce - newsday


who's the butchest of them all - the advocate


the dead marched on washington - newsday


larry kramer as prophet - cassell press


on teenage suicide - the advocate





My journalism career began when I founded OutWeek Magazine in 1989 (I had been a musician and producer of live shows before that).

I served as OutWeek's editor-in-chief and co-publisher for two tumultuous years, during which time the brave little magazine forever altered the shape of gay journalism.

After that I became a weekly op-ed columnist for NY Newsday, and began writing for The New York Times, The Nation, The New Scientist, The LA Times, Out, The Advocate, The Village Voice and many other publications too numerous or embarrassing to mention.

I received the GLAAD Media Award as Outstanding Journalist in 1995.



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